April 18, 2012

The Danish are no pastries

Years ago we associated the word 'Danish' with bacon and pastries.
These days Danes are better known for their militant anarchist youth.

Don't be fooled by their fair and fesh-faced kids - many of whom would hardly be recognised by decent parents and grandparents who would more likely disown them.

See this video of them 'training' for overseas missions in their own capital.
See how they play to the cameras - worthy of their friends in Pallywood.
And see also how their own Danish police "deal" with them.
They make Israeli soldiers look like kindergarten staff.

This is what happens with free university education when kids like this attend  hard-leftist lectures all day and smoke weed at night.

The only cure for these spoiled Danish brats is conscription, into an army which will teach them respect for authority instead of spitting at it.


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