April 16, 2012

Don't Blame Eisner ....

Finally an interfering Danish peace activist gets it in the teeth. Not pleasant for him I am sure. And oh so embarrassing for the Prime Minister and his Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

But it was bound to happen eventually.
There is only so much daily provocation, incessant abuse and spitting that any human being can put up with before he cracks. Soldiers are human beings too - even Israeli soldiers.

This kind of abuse goes on every day in all parts of Israel thanks to the luvvies of Machsom (Checkpoint) Watch - an organisation funded by overseas antiSemites which sets out deliberately to provoke soldiers into just this kind of Youtube 'gotcha' scoop.

To understand who these people are, here is a photograph of Machsom Watch spokeswoman Raya Yaron hugging the mother of Hakim Awad who confessed proudly to the butchery of the Fogel family and their 3 infant children in Itamar. These activists are not just useful idiots for the PLO, they are also pure drekk.

No doubt there will be disciplinary proceedings against Lt. Col. Eisner for his assault and moves to strip him of his rank.  But this will not solve the problem. The real blame lies with Defense Minister Barak for allowing these provocateurs close and personal contact with soldiers who are daily carrying out the difficult task of protecting our borders and checkpoints.

Unlike Israel, England has the luxury of being at peace. But if I showed up at the army base in Aldershot with my movie camera, I would be moved on pretty quickly.  Or if there had been a terrorist alert at Heathrow airport and - as we have seen before - army jeeps and personnel carriers were stationed at the entrance to the airport tunnel, would I be able to step out and film them?  Absolutely not!  And what about in Ireland?  Did you ever see British troops being jostled and spat at day-in-day-out?  No, because such folks were kept far away.

Any areas where these provocateurs turn up should be declared a closed military zone and a 'cordon sanitaire' provided by order of the military authorities. Any activists in breach of these rules should be arrested and fined for obstruction. If they are foreigners, they should be driven to the airport and deported.  If this had been policy years ago, Rachel Corrie might still be alive.

The Defense Ministry needs to get real about such things and change its operating procedures at borders and checkpoints.

Besides which, we need people like Eisner to kick Hamas and Hezbullah in the teeth when the time comes, not be sitting at a desk busted to corporal.

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