April 14, 2012

Rabbis Launching Mortars?

I snapped this unusual scene when arriving in Chevron Thursday, on the eve of the last day of Pesach.

Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf and his young student are hammering down poles to support the protest tent they have located opposite the house legally acquired across the road (pictured below).

However legal the purchase may have been - and the contract signing was even videotaped - it was too much for the politicians to risk upsetting the 'peace negotiations' with Mr Abbas and his partners in Hamas.

Rabbi Sharbaf is a son-in-law of the legendary Rabbi Moshe Levinger, without whom the bustling town of Kiryat Arba would never have existed.And with that, the opening of Chevron to new Jewish settlement as the original site of the establishment of King David's reign.

More about Rabbi Levinger can be seen in my archived blog HERE.

Rabbi Sharbaf is indeed launching mortars of a different kind.
The mortar of Jewish building and national revival.

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