May 23, 2012

Those poor oppressed Palestinians ...

My lawyer friend John S. has just sent me this research he has done on life expectancy figures for Middle East countries.

Country/ Territory           Men              Women

Egypt                                 72 yrs              76 yrs

Jordan                                72 yrs              75 yrs

Lebanon                             71 yrs              75 yrs

Iraq                                    68 yrs               73 yrs

Iran                                    72 yrs               75 yrs

Saudi Arabia                       73 yrs              76 yrs

Sudan                                 60 yrs               64 yrs

Syria                                   74 yrs               78 yrs

Palestinian territories      73 yrs               76 yrs

That puts the Pallys in better shape than Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Iran ... and on par with oil-rich Saudi Arabia!

Click HERE to see more of their suffering.


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