June 04, 2012

Importing the Apartheid lie

Race riots in South Tel Aviv and yesterday's arson of a migrants' apartment building in Jerusalem have given the Jew-hating mobs of media and academia a rare prize to conjure up some justification of their absurd charge of Jewish apartheid.

From our own trouble-makers like Peter Beinart, to the BBC's newest Israel-bashing correspondent ... they are falling over each other to publicise the stories and pictures to justify a decade of media libel.

And,where Israel is concerned there's always an irony .

In this case it took illegal migrants from no-less than Apartheid's very cradle in Africa and their raping of Israeli girls in Tel Aviv to spawn the kind of resentment you would find in any society that fails to enforce the law and protect its citizens.

Don't expect any of these media pundits to dig any deeper into the stories.
That might reveal the inconvenient truth that these same migrants risked their lives to travel thousands of miles - and cross the Sinai desert under fire from Egyptian soldiers - to flee to the ONLY sanctuary they felt they would be safe and have a decent life. 

Jewish Apartheid Israel.

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