April 20, 2013

Terror's Open University

Since 9/11 the BBC and other leftist media have eschewed the T-word and disdained the very notion of a War on Terror.  

Hopefully the Boston Marathon Massacre will finally bring them to their senses and at least unite in  a determined War on Islamic Incitement & Radicalisation. 

This is the true enemy.

But this enemy cannot be destroyed by drones and M16s.

Because this enemy doesn't live in the the streets or the canyons of Tora Bora.

Instead it lives and operates in Islamic schoolrooms and madrassas for the very young and, for those who've missed out, there is the Open University of Islamic Terror on the internet.

This is what has turned students like Mohammed Atta and the Boston brothers into cold-blooded mass killers.

Israel has been pointing to Islamic incitement for a very long time as the main cause of the ongoing conflict.  The Palestinian propaganda machine continues to blame the 'Occupation'. 

But the most damaging occupation is of the minds of students and even preschoolers by their Islamic teachers.

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