June 29, 2013

To my blog followers....

Friends often ask why I am not blogging as much as before. 
The answer is that I find Twitter a much quicker means of venting during a business day. And the limitation of 140 characters is a marvelous discipline. 

Much maligned as a dumb gossip network for people without a life - I discovered the power of Twitter during the Gaza rocket campaign and was getting news faster than any other medium. 

So I recommend you sign up to Twitter and subscribe to the real and instant news reporters ... ordinary citizens of Israel, Egypt, Syria etc. and plug into the vast array of support for Israel which pervades cyberspace but which the BBC, Guardian and others of their ilk choose to ignore.

I am getting my Tweets posted automatically to this blog, so you can follow.

Or join Twitter yourself and follow me at @ZalmiU . Then choose from those feeds that I follow and discover new ones you'd like.

Best wishes  - Z.

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