May 15, 2014

Apartheid & Israel – it’s true

Apartheid & Israel – it’s true.
But not in the way Secretary Kerry or BDS-merchants portray it.
Apartheid is defined as ‘a system of discrimination on grounds of race’.
No country is discriminated against more than Israel.
It has been singled out for more UN censures than any other state, in a world filled with tyranny, terrorism and travesties of human rights. It is demonized in the media and academia and held to double-standards in its acts of self-defense and the protection of its citizens.
Natan Sharansky invented the 3D test for anti-Semitism as distinct from legitimate criticism of Israel. There had to be demonization, delegitimisation and the application of double-standards. Unquestionably all 3 are in evidence and fuelling the boycott and divestment movement so zealously directed against the one single Jewish state on the planet.
Israel is the Jew among the nations – and is very clearly the subject of discrimination on grounds of its race.
So yes, there is Apartheid in Israel.
But the Jews are its victims.

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