May 11, 2014

Livni - the croupier of our territorial table

Today Naftali Bennett successfully introduced a Knesset law to prevent the future release of terrorist killers.

But why?

He is Israel’s Economy Minister.

Surely this is a job for the Justice Minister – Tzipi Livni ?

Unfortunately she is far too busy trying to give away parts of Eretz Yisrael to people who refuse to recognise the Jewish State or change their charter which calls for the destruction of Israel by military force.

Whilst it’s absurd that Bennett should have to be doing Livni’s job, it’s even more bizarre that Livni is in the position of croupier on our territorial table.

Israelis in the last election clearly voted to consign her to the dustbin of history along with the discredited Kadima party which was born in the sin of disengagement and was buried in the mire of Olmert’s sleaze.

But in this age of recycling, all trash has some usefulness.

Netanyahu appointed Livni to force Lapid and Bennett off the fence and into serious coalition talks. Justice sounded like a good title and the peace negotiation role was a useful sop to the Oslo dreamers.

But if that usefulness didn’t end with the sealing of the coalition agreement, it should certainly have expired with the collapse of the Kerry talks.

Livni should be instructed to take over Bennett’s initiative as Justice Minister or resign.

And since Abbas now thinks he has his own state, there’s no more suitable person to deal with ‘negotiations’ than Avigdor Liberman, as Foreign Minister.

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