June 16, 2014

The Kidnapping: Livni's Big Opportunity

Dear Mrs Livni –

As the Voice of Oslo in Netanyahu’s cabinet you have been determined to prove that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas is a true peace partner to whom you would be willing to hand over Judea, Samaria and control of half of Jerusalem.
Even after he embraced Hamas, you continued to meet with Abbas behind Netanyahu’s back, conducting your own foreign policy. This is neither your role as Minister of Justice nor your right as a member of the government coalition.
But if you are really so convinced of Abbas’s good intentions, and that Hamas will now work with him instead of ousting him overnight from a new West Bank state like they did in Gaza … here’s your BIG opportunity to get him his West Bank state and half of Jerusalem … and to unseat the fiendish Netanyahu all in one go!

Ask outgoing President Shimon Peres to lean on his new prayer partner, Pope Francis, to lean on his other new prayer partner Mahmoud Abbas to lean on his new friends in Hamas to make the supreme peace gesture. Let them deliver-up the three teenagers as a sign of genuine intent for peace and reconciliation. No exchanges. No quid-pro-quo. No strings attached.
Just imagine! Abbas reuniting the kids with their families on live TV, beamed all over the world. 
The Pope could take part in the ceremony via video-conference.
Even President Obama could participate - maybe this time without even chewing gum.
And of course you!  Taking all the bows, center-stage, while Bibi, Bennett and all the government hawks cower in embarrassment.  
You will have been vindicated and Netanyahu would have no choice but to respond with goodwill through gritted teeth.
Go for it girl!  It may be your last and only chance. 
But hurry, because the IDF seem to be rapidly closing in on the kidnappers. And if, G-d forbid, the boys have been harmed, it will be you and your peace-dreamers who will be further discredited.

Sadly I think you will eventually wake up to the reality that Mr Abbas and his Hamas cronies are no different than the bloodthirsty Fedayeen whom your parents fought as heroes of the Irgun resistance 70 years ago. 

May their memories be a blessing and may their legacy never be forgotten or betrayed.

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