August 22, 2014

Forget Hasbara ... buy guns

People ask why we keep circulating the same Gaza emails, stories and links amongst ourselves when we should be sending them out to the goyim. If only they knew the truth about these dastardly enemies of ours and the moral and ethical antithesis our people represents on every possible level.

Whether it’s the bizarre lengths our air force goes to avoid civilian casualties, to the continuing supply of vital needs to Gaza residents in the middle of a war, on top of the electricity our Ashkelon power workers keep feeding Gazans even as their homes and kids schools are targeted by Hamas rocketeers.

“We need to get our message out!” they say.
“The foreign ministry’s PR budget is only a fraction of Bezeq’s ... we need more money and media talent to get our side across.”

I say, forget it!

I’ve been saying the same thing since at least before the last Gaza war and probably much before. It’s a total waste of money.

The truth is that the people who still need convincing that Israel are the good guys in this fight are not interested in anything we have to say. These guys don’t want to hear one good thing about the Jews ... nothing at all.

And by this I include not just war stories, but everything else as well. They don’t want to hear that we created the mobile phones they use for apps to boycott our goods. They don’t want to hear about the humanitarian teams we send to every disaster area any more than the Israeli medical breakthroughs that keep their mums and dads alive longer. And even if Ben Gurion University’s Dr Lobel gets FDA approval for his Ebola vaccine, it won’t make the slightest difference to those we would target for Hasbara.

You see, it’s that old truism: that there’s none so deaf as those who will not hear and none so blind as those who will not see.

As I quoted in a previous posting: bigotry operates like the pupil of an eye ... the more light you shine on it the tighter it closes shut.

These people who we would target with more Hasbara ... do they not see Hamas for what they are? Do they not see that these are of the same brotherhood as ISIS in Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria and Hezbullah in Lebanon? Do they not know the difference between good and evil?
Well, if they don’t, it’s not our job to convince them. They will find out soon enough all by themselves. Imagine having to advertise clean water in the middle of a cholera outbreak?

Why should we waste our money trying to convince bigots to save themselves?
No-one understands the depth of this conflict better than our own people.
And with that knowledge the best place to invest our money and resources is in the protection of our people.

One more Iron Dome battery installation is worth five years of Hasbara on deaf ears.

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