September 19, 2014


Why is OFSTED suddenly targeting Jewish schools?

There are only 10 state-aided Jewish secondary schools in the UK and yet these government school inspectors have swooped on 3 since July.

At first I thought this might be some perverse form of revenge by the OFSTED chief against his nemesis Michael Gove who - recently removed as Minister for Education - has always been full of praise for Jewish schools and family values. His sacking and the first swoop were just days apart.
But I am thinking there is something more sinister going on.  

Readers outside Britain may not be aware of the “Trojan Horse” scandal which exploded last March and has rocked the British educational establishment unsettling parents and teachers across the country. A leaked document exposed a well-entrenched operation to Islamize schools in the predominantly Muslim city of Birmingham and to bully and intimidate head teachers who failed to co-operate.
Investigations uncovered a catalog of abuses including children being shown jihadist videos, being visited by  hate preachers, being baited as ‘kuffars’ for not attending prayers, and being taught that that wives who refused sex to their husbands would go to hell. Even Christmas was cancelled in some of these taxpayer-funded schools. Head teachers who were forced out were frightened to tell the story for fear of physical attack.

One would have thought, after such an earthquake in the educational system which caught its government watchdog completely by surprise, that the limited number of school inspectors would have their hands full in a sweep of all schools in other predominantly Muslim centers like Leicester, Bradford, Redbridge and Newham to check on any further Sharia indoctrination or staff intimidation.
To cover that vast area would take perhaps two years. And yet, within just six months of the scandal first breaking, OFSTED has had the spare time and resources to swoop on 3 Jewish schools in as many term weeks.
Something smells rotten here.

The first target was the Jewish Free School, which was rated ‘outstanding’ on its last audit by OFSTED which awarded it 39 out of an available 39 outstanding grades.  You can’t get better than that.
OFSTED claimed that their July swoop on JFS was in response to ‘complaints received’ but admitted in its own report that none of those were substantiated. Instead they found other trifling reasons to downgrade the school from ‘outstanding’ to ‘requiring improvement’.

If the Trojan Horse scandal was British education’s 9-11, then these swoops on Jewish schools are a lot like frisking old ladies at Heathrow airport.
Schools are on fire in the Muslim areas, and OFSTED is pouring water on Jewish schools. This is perverse. It’s political correctness gone mad.

Across London and the British midlands nests of Islamic hate preaching and terror plotting have caused the government to uprate the UK threat level to ‘severe’.  None of this problem has anything to do with our Jewish community, its schools or family homes.
The only thing we are cooking-up in our homes is chicken soup. We don’t do ricin.

So hands off our schools!

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