November 02, 2014

And the biggest funder of terror in Jerusalem is …..

Yes ... Israel.

Set aside for a moment the security scandal that this week’s shooter of Rabbi Yehuda Glick at the Begin Heritage Centre actually worked in its own restaurant. But how did this Mutaz Hijazi get a job in any city establishment after emerging from an 11-year jail term vowing more violence against Jews?

To be officially employed in Jerusalem, this animal needed all the relevant entry and work permits and would have been eligible for social security for himself and his family, including healthcare as any other city resident and taxpayer.
Why do we do this??

Think of all those Arabs who’ve been running riot in Jerusalem over these 9 months of government inaction. The one who rammed the tractor into a bus or the one who killed the little baby last week. The ones who attack yeshiva boys or the gang that blew up the petrol station. Or any of the mobs who have repeatedly attacked and vandalized the new light railway system. They all go home to families who praise them to the skies even as they fill-in more application forms for state and city welfare entitlements, pensions and healthcare.

This turns out to be the same lunacy as Gaza, where we pipe-in electricity even as they rocket our power stations in Ashkelon.
In this way, the City and State are funding the terror and civil disobedience of East Jerusalem Arabs on a daily basis, and far more than any external sources of terror investment.
This has to stop.

In the past, terrorists like these used to have their houses demolished. When that made for bad headlines it mostly stopped. Now it’s time to hit these terror families in their pockets.
All security prisoners coming out of jail should be placed on permanent probation, reporting to parole officers. If they continue to associate with Jihadi groups plotting attacks on the Jewish state, they should be denied the documents and privileges of the State in terms of employment and welfare. If their families lionize these martyrs and vow to give birth to more of them, they too should have their permits, benefits and entitlements put under review.
If after curtailment of their goodies such PLO families fail to make ends meet, maybe they will move somewhere else and good riddance to them.

The loons on the European Court of Human Rights continue to prevent EU countries from deporting killers and rapists on the grounds they are ‘entitled to a family life’.

Let us not be so stupid as to fund and entitle terrorist families like the Hijazis to a normal family life when they praise those who seek to destroy ours.

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