November 11, 2014

Give our people guns !

Now that we can clearly see the Third Intifada blowing in from all directions, with full and active incitement ascribed to Abbas and his business-suited PLO, it’s time to allow Israelis to protect themselves better.

Despite the common sight of guns carried openly by off-duty soldiers and security volunteers, gun licensing for ordinary civilians is strictly controlled in Israel.  But in just the last 48 hours it’s become clear that every Israeli in any location is a legitimate target, with the highest risk of attack being on motor vehicles especially travelling at night.

It’s absurd that in today's peaceful America the right of private citizens to bear arms is sacrosanct whilst in Israel, already walled-in against terrorists, private firearm licenses are so strictly rationed.

Of course there have to be background checks and mental-health restrictions just as in the US and other countries. But the status of Israeli citizens above almost all others is that they already have a responsible and disciplined attitude to firearms by dint of their mandatory army service and training.

I doubt if any adult using Israel’s roads in the current inflamed situation would not feel a lot safer with a handgun in their glove-box. The government should allow all citizens this security and the ability to protect themselves from attack or hijacking.

We trust our citizens as soldiers and we must trust them equally in civilian life.

Yes there will be some hothead shootings, no doubt, and penalties should be very tough. But the risk of such incidents does not justify leaving all good citizens at the mercy of Abbas’s thugs
As the good book says  ... הבא להרגך השכם להרגו
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