February 25, 2018

Extraordinary times

Seeing a story and photo like this reminds us that we are living in extraordinary times.
It’s barely a year since Obama left office after kicking Israel under a bus at the UN and enriching today’s Amalekites in Teheran with $150 billion to fuel their terrorism and giving them a free pass to nuclear weapons. At the same time UNESCO was rubbishing Jewish claims to its holy sites.
And now, in the blink of an eye in historical terms, Israel’s sovereignty in its biblical capital has been validated loud and clear by the United States and the IDF has been pre-emptively striking Iran and its jihadi proxies in Lebanon and Syria without the usual demands for restraint.
Just as movie-goers have lately been wondering what might have happened to England without Churchill, you have to wonder what might have happened to Israel without Netanyahu.
How might things have turned out under ….
As prime minister, he signed the Oslo Accords which sanitised the PLO as a Palestinian ‘Authority’ and gave Arafat a platform to launch waves of terror in which 1,600 Israelis were killed and 9,000 wounded; more than 4 times the toll of the previous 25 years. Netanyahu opposed Oslo.
Israel’s most decorated soldier offered Arafat 97 percent of Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank) as a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem. No prizes for guessing Bibi’s take on that act of lunacy. And let's not forget Barak's ignominious retreat from South Lebanon, which brought Hezbollah to our doorstep, with seats in the Lebanese parliament and 100,000 rockets pointed our way.
So sad this amazing hero of Israel had to end his life this way. They say he surrendered Gaza to appease the Left, over corruption charges. We all know what that got us. Iran on our doorstep, two wars and incessant rocket attacks. Netanyahu resigned from the Sharon government when his demand for a Gaza referendum was turned down.
And then there’s Olmert (until recently known as Mr. 9032478 at Maasiyahu prison).
Well, he’s the genius who was ready to give the Golan Heights back to the Assad family in 2007. Just imagine where we would have been today with Iran’s proxies perched literally over our heads?
None of those leaders faced such a toxic US president as Obama and yet they were prepared to give away vital territory, sovereignty and security interests. And yet, Bibi Netanyahu steered the Jewish State through 8 years of Obama without surrendering anything.
So folks, enjoy the miracle as it plays out.
And a joyous Purim to all.
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