February 17, 2018

Will our people never learn ?

This week one of Iran’s terror proxies announced that they will soon have half a million missiles pointed at Israel from Lebanon and Syria.
As I write these very lines, ‘Color Red’ alarms are announcing new missile launches from Gaza.
So tell me: is this a time for the prime minister of Israel to be pilloried over gifts from admirers?
We’ve just witnessed the miraculous election of Donald Trump after Obama kicked Israel under a bus as his last presidential act. We’ve also seen the deep friendship and admiration between Trump and Netanyahu on a scale never seen between the leaders of America and Israel since the birth of the Jewish state.
In such a ‘Goldilocks’ term of office and faced with today’s dire existential threats, it truly beggars belief that any Israeli would be demanding Netanyahu’s overthrow. And over such a nothing-burger of charges.
When our Temple was under siege by the Romans in 70 AD, one of the only witnesses to chronicle the actual events was a Jewish-born convert Josephus Flavius. He recorded that even as the Romans were surrounding the Temple walls, Jews were killing each other behind those walls.
Why must we always be helping our enemies?
And why is it always the self-proclaimed elites, academics and Haaretz-readers who are so keen to help our enemies and so eagerly support the creation of a Palestinian terror state in the heart of the Jewish homeland.
Will our people never learn?

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