March 11, 2018

We Are Iran's Human Shields

I have often wondered why it is that Iran is so obsessed with the destruction of Israel. After all, most states of war are created by territorial disputes or aggressive action by one party on the other. Or of course religious wars where one asserts supremacy over the other.

But in the case of Iran – can you name a single sin the Jewish state committed against Iran before the ayatollahs declared war and threatened to wipe Israel off the map? Do they really care a damn about the Palestinians – the overwhelming majority of which are Sunnis? Do they care about ANY of Israel’s Arab neighbours? That’s hardly credible when they are using Syrian civilians to test their chemical weapons and have turned the whole of Lebanon into a doomsday target for Israel.

It seems to be the oldest of reasons – our very existence offends them.

Lebanon is a doomsday target because something like 100,000 rockets have been embedded in its civilian areas for some years now, pointed at Israel. It’s obvious that any volley of 1,000 or more rockets launched against Israeli cities will overwhelm any Iron Dome batteries and such a threat can only provoke one response: nuclear or neutron pre-emption with mass civilian casualties. This is how the Teheran regime operates – exporting terror by proxies in countries where it couldn’t give a damn for the local consequences.

So, what are Iran’s 100,000 rockets really for?

The answer lies in the deep blue sea.

At every hour of every day, nuclear submarines of the major powers – America, Russia, China, Britain, France, India – hide deep in the trenches of the world’s oceans awaiting doomsday orders to devastate any power that presumed to launch a surprise attack on their countries. These are the lurking instruments of mutually assured destruction.

As things stand, there is no likelihood of any of those 6 nuclear powers launching a surprise attack on one another. Today there are only two countries most eligible for a pre-emptive strike by the United States: North Korea and Iran.

North Korea is reported to have deployed some sort of nuclear strike submarine out there, but Iran is not there yet.

So, what does Iran have to deter an American first strike?
The answer:  100,000 missiles pointed at Israel.

That’s what those rockets are all about.

Which means that the citizens of Israel are Iran’s human shields.

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