April 16, 2018

Give us the means to defend ourselves

The final battle between good and evil was supposed to take place at Mount Megiddo; in Hebrew it’s Har-Megiddo – which fell into slang as ‘Ar-mageddon.
But it increasingly seems the stage for this battle has been moved to Syria.

The evil ones went in with the excuse of ‘fighting ISIS’. But in truth they went in purely for their own nefarious and selfish purposes.
Russia, to prop up a tyrant and secure its first warm water naval base on the Mediterranean, now well entrenched at Tartus. 
Iran to further close its encirclement of Israel – joining South Lebanon and Gaza and with only Jordan next in line to overthrow and destabilise.
And Turkey, whose Caliph Erdogan seems to want to slaughter as many Kurds as possible in the time still available.
Meanwhile the good guys in the West were genuinely there only to destroy ISIS and have every intention of disengaging. Two weeks ago, President Donald J Trump (and I truly never tire of typing that out) announced his intention to pull out the remaining 2,000 US troops from Syria within 6 months.
Whilst this news was not well received in Israel, you can’t really blame the US president for keeping his election promises about ending the decades-long haemorrhage of American blood and treasure in all parts of the world for very little tangible gain.
Israel has never asked nor expected Americans to lay down their lives in defence of the Jewish state. We just need to be assured always that we shall have the means to defend ourselves, including that most important QME (qualitative military edge) in the very latest technology.
This is a moment to invoke General Alexander Haig’s famous description of Israel as America’s largest aircraft carrier that cannot be sunk and does not carry even one American soldier. But, Mr President, all we ask is that you equip that carrier with the best, latest and finest defensive and offensive weaponry available on the planet.
And we ask you to repeal Obama’s tainted aid package -which starved Israeli homegrown defense industries of vital innovation capital - and replace it with what is actually needed and necessary to keep Israel at the very top of its game in the explosive Mid-East that you will be leaving behind.
We thank you Mr President for your bold recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal Jewish capital.
We now only ask that you help us keep it so.
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