April 08, 2018


As I prepare to return to rainswept Blighty after a splendid Pesach in Jerusalem, I reflect on the news stories which started in London with Corbyn, moved to Israel with the Gaza border riots and is now back to London – knife crime capital of the world – with the Jewish demonstration outside Labour Party HQ.
But of all the stories and video clips of this last ten days, the one that stood out for me was this group of Jewish students reciting Kaddish for dead Hamas infiltrators.
It was the worst possible publicity stunt by what most on social media have described as a bunch of morons.

On reflection they are no different to most of the Trump-hating Left who are in denial of the notion that pure evil actually exists in this world.

Whether it is terrorists or common burglars, or the illegal aliens they welcome into their American sanctuary cities, such snowflake liberals always assume that society is collectively responsible for the bad things these miscreants do. They truly do believe that any baddie can be rehabilitated to look and act just like we do.

These Kaddish-sayers seem to think that if Israel would only open the fence to Hamas, the people of Gaza would file through peacefully and be singing Kumbaya around kibbutz campfires by evening.

To these Kaddish-sayers, the massacres from Maalot to Munich and killers from Kozo Okamoto to Kuntar have no meaning other than that we made them do it.

There is no hope for these Kaddish-sayers until something happens to them or their own families, and they wake up to the fact that there really is such a thing as evil for its own sake.

A wise man was asked to define the term: Conservative.
He replied: that would be a Liberal who’s been mugged by reality.
These Kaddish-zuggers need such a mugging.

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