April 03, 2018

What about the Workers ?

The Corbyn debacle goes from bad to worse. As I have previously stated, his behavior is I believe only the tip of a very ugly iceberg of UK antisemitism that has pervaded the chattering classes in politics, media and academia for many years.
Now Corbyn has poured even more fuel on the flames by attending a Passover ‘Seder’ hosted by Jewdas, a satirical group toxic to Israel and Jewish institutions.
He may be a racist, but Corbyn is far from stupid. His overriding objective right now is to broaden his support base in hopes Theresa May’s minority government will collapse and he will be swept to power. He has pretty much tied up the youth vote, which saved him from irrelevancy in last year’s snap election. He must firmly believe British students will remain loyal to him despite the racism row.
Corbyn must also believe that there are thousands of new votes for anti-Semitism, perhaps from the Far Right and immigrant groups. This would be most disconcerting.
But amid all the hullabaloo over this affair, there is one question which I don’t think has been asked: What about the workers??
The biggest funders of the Labour Party are the UK trades unions – without whose cash Corbyn would be out of business within days.
Unless I have missed something whilst watching this scandal unfold from abroad, British union leaders been totally silent over this affair.
Are we to assume they condone Corbyn’s behaviour? Are we to assume their silence speaks for their members, the teachers, railwaymen, postal workers, farmers and nurses?
Are these great British workers content to pay their union dues regardless of the racism it may be funding?
We need to hear from them, and soon.
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