May 11, 2018

Bad week for the ayatollahs - and Britain

It’s been an awful week for the ayatollahs.
Reeling from the embarrassment of Mossad’s theft of their most secret nuclear archives, they thought they would lob a few missiles into the Golan to save face. In return they saw all their bases wiped off the Syrian map in under an hour.
But it’s also been a terrible week for Germany, France and Britain who were such willing accomplices to the Iran deal.
Obama needed it for his legacy. The Europeans wanted it for billions in export orders, and the-devil-may-care about Israel or nuclear Armageddon.
The 3Ms, Merkel, Macron and May now find themselves vigorously defending the evil regime in its protests against Trump. “Bad faith” they call it. Totally ignoring that the deal was built on Iranian lies and deception, ignoring that the $150bn released to the regime was immediately invested in the export of terror and death to Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Gaza – not to mention the development of nuclear-capable ICBMs with ‘Death to Israel’ written on them.
Bad faith deserves bad faith in return.
The irony is that the ayatollahs are now threatening to resume enrichment of uranium to spite Trump. But in doing so, they will have painted the Europeans into a corner where they can no longer justify the deal with the regime in breach.
Britain has a bitter history of turning a blind eye to reality and paying a heavy price down the road.
You only have to look at Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler in 1938, and his censorship of bad news from Europe in order to sell his worthless piece of paper to the British public as ‘peace in our time’. That deception ultimately cost the loss of over 50 million lives in WW2.
Then there is the whole EU edifice – also built on fakery and delusion. Countries like Greece, which were unable to meet the entry criteria for currency union, simply faked their financials. The EU grandees, eager for more countries to add critical mass to their powerbase simply turned a blind eye and let them and other fakers join up. The result has come close to bankrupting the Euro. The EU is now a car crash in slow-motion, albeit the UK has had the sense to pull over into the service lane.
Which brings us to Iran, with potentially the costliest endgame of all – under a mushroom cloud.
The JCPOA was a deal with the devil, and the devil really was in the details. No rights of peremptory inspection, no bar on ICBMs, no curb on the funding of terror proxies, payments in hard cash and, even then, the deal was never actually signed. The ayatollahs loath the West – and signing any contract with ‘Satan’ was ‘Haram’ …. never going to happen.
It will be interesting to see how it all pans out for the 3Ms, with the wheels coming off their export orders under Trump’s sanctions. As the saying goes: you lie down with dogs and you wake up with fleas.
Meanwhile the sun is shining in our blessed land as we approach the 51st anniversary of Jerusalem’s liberation from Arab occupation, and the formal opening of the United States embassy in our eternal capital city.
Enjoy the ride folks – and Chag Yerushalayim Sameyach !
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