May 01, 2018

Dealing with the devil

Brace yourselves for the blowback from Germany.
This was a triumphant day for the Mossad and its unbelievably brave agents embedded with our most mortal enemies. Words cannot describe what the evil ayatollahs would have done with any one of them who had got caught. It’s bad enough what they do to their own citizens in their notorious Evin prison – especially the women.
The photos inside Iran’s most secret nuclear archive would have been impressive enough, but then there was the video within its nuclear facilities – and finally the audacious theft of a ton of documentation and to have spirited it out of enemy territory is simply breathtaking.

But, as is too often the case when Jews are sounding the fire alarm, much of the world will roll over and go back to sleep. And when it comes to Europe, there may even be blowback. The P5+1 countries who signed the Iran deal didn’t do so for world peace – less still to keep Israel safe. They did so purely for their own interests.
Obama for his legacy, and the rest of them for billions in trade deals.
I foresee the biggest blowback coming from Germany, whose exports to Iran have mushroomed since Obama unlocked $150 billion in assets and - ignominiously - shipped the mullahs another $1.7 billion in ransom money in used banknotes of dollars, euros and Swiss francs.
Germany is keen to restore its trade with Iran to the 5 billion euros worth of annual turnover that existed before sanctions were imposed. Just in the last few days it was announced that another three Iranian banks were opening up in Hamburg and Frankfurt. Now that the truth about Iran's apocalyptic intentions is out in the open and undeniable, this truly amounts to 'dealing with the devil'.
Far from ‘peace in our time’ – for the likes of Mrs Merkel it’s about cash in our time.
Let the next generation worry about the mushroom clouds that usher-in the coming of the hidden Imam.
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