June 15, 2018

Beep Beep to Hamas

As a kid my favourite cartoon character was Road Runner.
Always under constant threat from Wily Coyote who was constantly cooking up schemes to kill him, flatten him, blow him up or send him off a cliff.

Each and every attempt failed, but Wily Coyote never stopped trying ever more outlandish schemes.
Meanwhile, after every deliverance, Road Runner would "Beep-Beep" with a smile and zip off to business as usual.
This is very much the story of Israel and the so-called Palestinians. They started with multiple airplane hijacking, then shot up Ben Gurion airport itself, then moved on to bus bombs, then restaurant bombs, followed by Gaza rocketing, then random stabbings, more rocketing, then car rammings, followed by attack tunnels, more rocketing and now blazing kites.
Just a week ago at the Gaza border, the IDF came across bolt cutters which had been abandoned at a hole in the fence. A rookie soldier felt that there was something odd how they'd been left and persuaded his commander to call in the bomb disposal team. The bolt cutters exploded in the robot's hands. Nothing short of an open miracle.
Just like Wily Coyote, the PLO and Hamas never seem to run out of ideas to kill Jews.
And just like the Road Runner, the Israelis live another day and move on with their lives.
It would be nice to think we moved on with a smile, but the sad truth is that too many lives are tragically lost or ruined in this process.
I look forward to the day that we bury Hamas like the rabid bunch of coyotes they really are.

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