June 17, 2018

Defenceless Britain

When the PLO frightened the Argentinian football team off a match with Israel, I tweeted that the next time the Argies tried to invade the Falkland Islands Britain wouldn’t need to send in the Navy – they could just ask Ahmed Jibril to say ‘boo’ to Argentina.
Little did I know then that Britain has no Navy. Well, not a functioning one anyway. According to the Daily Mail, Britain's six Type-45 destroyers, described as ‘the backbone of the Royal Navy’ spent 80 per cent of last year in dock. The ships, costing £1billion each, need a multi-million-pound refit after repeatedly breaking down in the Persian Gulf. It turns out that their Rolls Royce engines aren’t suited to warm seas. Refitting work is not due to start until 2020. (I imagine that’s because of defence cuts which had to make way for the burgeoning welfare costs for migrants to the UK.)
And there, in case Mr Putin missed it on his satellite pass, is a photo of all 6 warships sitting in the same Portsmouth dock – sitting ducks.
What’s truly ironic is that such a defenceless Britain remains a major proponent of arming Iran, whilst at the same time criticising Israel for defending her own people.
And it’s not just on the waves that Britannia is defenceless. Its citizens and working families have never been more defenceless in so many ways. For us Jews, it has lately been ill-advised to wear a kippa in the streets. But now everyone else has been advised to dress defensively and keep their phones, watches and jewellery out of the sight of motorbike raiders who are running amok, ripping valuables off pedestrians with little or no police intervention.
Then there are all the gang killings and knifings which have turned London into the crime capital of the world, surpassing even New York.
Aside from it being unsafe to walk the streets, Brits are also defenceless in their own homes. Almost every other week we hear of armed thugs sledgehammering their way into well-off homes and terrorising families as they are robbed of their valuables.
Part of this is due to the government’s cuts in police numbers – madly in inverse proportion to the migrant tide from countries where such thievery and crime is infused with mothers’ milk. The other reason is that even those few police officers we have left are not able to ‘stop & search’ at will. It was thought to be politically incorrect profiling of minority groups.
Then there is the case of pensioner Henry Vincent, who stabbed a house burglar only to find himself initially arrested by police and then, when released, defenceless in his own home against threats from the burglar’s family. He had to flee his home and go into hiding.
Then there are the parents of hundreds of white girls in their early teens who were groomed and gang-raped by Asian groups all over the country and over many years. They were defenceless when the local councils and police turned a blind eye because it was politically incorrect to target ethnic communities.
And whatever your views about Tommy Robinson, he too was defenceless in simply reporting on the court hearings into one of those rape gangs and being instantly bundled into jail for 13 months without a trial and under a media gag order.
A government’s prime duty, first and foremost, is the protection of its citizens.
This seems to be miserably failing in Britain, whose politicians should be the very last people to be criticising others; least of all Israel which ranked 11th in the UN’s World Happiness Index. That was above Britain’s ranking at 17, but before the explosion in UK crime.
I can’t wait to see next year’s figures.
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