July 18, 2018

Corbyn's Jewish Problem

In any normal circumstances a party with the name Labour and an ethos of socialism and equality would be expected to be at the forefront of support for red lines on racism such as the IHRA’s universally adopted definition of anti-Semitism.
But under the tyranny of Jeremy Corbyn and his Hard Left lictors, the British Labour Party has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this consensus, finally writing its own rules much like a serial rapist might want to redefine the meaning of ‘consensual’.
Like his friend and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, Corbyn has a problem with Jews especially where it concerns their nation state of Israel. But they are both politically savvy and neither of them was ever stupid enough to throw away votes on personal prejudices.
So my question is: will Labour’s 5% lead over Theresa May’s sinking Tory party be dented by this controversy?
I fear that it will not, and that Corbyn sees anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment as a real vote earner in Britain. After all – just look at the mobs which so quickly form for demonstrations over Gaza and Trump. They are generally the same types of people: sponging adolescents who will rebel against anything, the anti-capitalists, the globalists who abhor the concept of a nation state and the legions of the pig-ignorant who believe anything that’s pumped out on social media whether by Pallywood or the Never-Trumpers.
And let’s not forget those lofty ‘chattering classes’. These are the academic and cultural elites who have always been the bedrock of anti-Jewish sentiment in this country; always at the forefront of boycott and divestment of the Jewish state, signing full page petitions in The Times and hobnobbing with the likes of that French ambassador that called Israel a ‘shitty little country’.
Yes, if there’s votes in them hills, nobody will know it better than Jeremy Corbyn.
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