July 16, 2018

With Jews like this - who needs Ayatollahs?

There seems to be no limit to the number of Jewish adolescents with nothing else to do in their gap years but to discredit and defame their only Jewish state and the soldiers that defend it night and day.
The majority of these kids haven't a clue about Jewish history or the 'Case for Israel', nor do they have any living memory of the atrocities of Arafat and his PLO, the PFLP or the slaughter of Jews in Chevron 40 years before the first settlement ever appeared in the so-called ‘West Bank’.
As long as they're on Daddy's payroll or some student grant they're happy to become useful idiots for whatever cause makes them important on social media. And the funds and facilities are in plentiful supply thanks to the likes of Soros, the New Israel Fund and even some Brotherhood funds who pump money through proxies.
Even as the Hamas dogs they said Kaddish for are now incinerating southern Israel, these ignorant young Judases eagerly help with new ways to undermine the Jewish state. Infiltrating Birthright is the latest and particularly lowlife tactic. Kids coming to their ancestral homeland for a life-changing experience of what it means to be Jewish get their big day ruined by these idiots.
The Netanyahu government has already made great progress in barring and expelling such provocateurs. Their names should be kept on a list for barred entry until at least they get to the age of 30 and have learned something about the facts of life in this region.

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