August 12, 2018

By Any Other Name

There's so much talk these days about the 
future of East Jerusalem in Trump peace plan.
Israelis can be excused for simply letting it go - after all there's not a piece of Yiddishkeit to be seen.

But like most of what goes on in this troubled region, things are not always how they appear.
It's like buying something in the shop and you notice that the label doesn't stick so well. So you peel the ends off, and then find the real label underneath.

Take a look at this map - full of Arab neighbourhoods.

Except that the REAL names of these villages are:
Sheikh Jarrah was really Shimon Hatzaddik
Anata is really Anatot
Wadi al Joz is Nachal Egoz
Ath Thuri is Givat Hanania
Abu Dis is actually Bachurim

Former Jerusalem councilman Arieh King is a staunch fighter for the restoration of Jewish-owned land to their owners. He and his researchers have inspected thousands of title registers dating back to the Ottoman period. He once told me that Jordan's Amman airport is built on Jewish property.

Visit and support the Israel Land Fund here:   Israel Land Fund הקרן לאדמות ישראל

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