September 17, 2018

Fuld – The Day After

We now learn that Ari Fuld’s 17-year-old killer had ordered a falafel which he was eating seconds before he launched his attack. Ascribed to an older person, one would call it a cold calculated killing. But for a 17-year-old it shows us that this generation of Palestinian has simply lost all fear of Jews and the IDF and punishment.

And why not? Most Jews in the territories are not allowed to bear arms and, when they have permits but dare to discharge their weapon, they are subject to the most crushing legal proceedings. As for the IDF, Palestinian kids are routinely sent to border and guard posts to taunt and spit at soldiers with impunity, as long as leftist groups are filming them.

As for punishment – well, you only have to look at the videos from Israeli jails where security prisoners enjoy sports, pizzas and all the time they need for their prayers and creature comforts. The biggest lifer in jail is Marwan Barghouti, who has the freedom to run for Palestinian leadership elections from his cell and cellphone. And, of course these young martyrs know they could be freed at any moment in a swap for dead Israeli soldiers or just to buy some peace and quiet from Hamas on the Gaza border. And, for as long as they are in jail, their families are receiving wages from Abbas, paid with European Aid funds. America to its credit has now cut back this gravy train.

In short, these kids don’t do it for the 72 virgins – now they do it for the money.

If there is one vital lesson from this attack and the spate of random stabbings in this silent Intifada, it is that the Jewish state needs to restore deterrence and take the gloves of human rights and political correctness off its soldiers and those volunteers who guard our towns and settlements. We need to restore the balance of terror and the devil may care about world opinion.

Also in the day after this massive tragedy we have heard from the mayor of this Arab killer’s city of Yatta in the West Bank. He says this happened because "Many things can cause a person to reach a state of abject humiliation. People here are hungry and they have no money to buy food. Their self-respect has been trampled."

Let me tell you something Mr Mayor. If your people are penniless and hungry it is because your Mr Abbas uses your European aid money to pay the wages of Jew-killers like your boy. Last year he paid out $350 million – this year it will be $403 million. That’s where your bread and potatoes, your fuel and your jobs are going.

The definition of Chutzpah used to be the kid who killed his parents and asked for the court’s mercy because he was an orphan. The new definition is blaming murder on poverty when the murderer causes the poverty which supposedly incited the murder.

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