October 08, 2018

Kavanaugh & the Jewish Problem

Nothing has energised the campus Antifa warriors like the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.
The images of mob rule and chanting over the voices of reason and due process are so reminiscent of the way Israel has been treated by these same shrieking groups.
Visiting speakers are intimidated, browbeaten and shouted down before they can ever posit an alternative viewpoint, much less the truth or facts of any issue.
The moment this Christine Ford woman levelled those wholly unsubstantiated allegations, senior Democrat congressmen insisted that they believed her 100 percent – not interested in any other possibility, or the presumption of innocence.
The same with Israel – whenever an Arab is killed or injured, in whatever circumstances it is classed as illegal, unwarranted and part of a bigger picture of ethnic cleansing or genocide.
And of course, in both cases the mainstream media takes the side of the mob against the side of reason – since it clearly sells more newspapers and airtime than the defence of an unfairly embattled judge or Jewish state.
Indeed the the Senate Judiciary committee chairman Sen Grassley excoroated the media for only wanting to interview the anti-Kavanagh people, not those who were supporting him. Sound familiar?
Interesting that when Googling for a Kavanaugh mob image to accompany this post, I came across this one, below. What a gem!
Here were signs supporting the defence of Planned Parenthood – the Amazon.Com of abortion in America - alongside a banner opposing circumcision as harmful to babies.
So, it’s OK with the pro-choicers to kill a fully developed foetus, but not OK to hurt its willy if it is ever fortunate enough to make it into this world.
The moral bankruptcy of progressives is simply staggering.

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