October 18, 2018

Khan al-Ahmar

With the fallout of her disastrous conduct of Brexit swirling around her, it's surprising that Theresa May finds the time (and chutzpah) to meddle in the town planning issues of another sovereign state.

Khan al-Ahmar is nothing more than a nomadic Bedouin shanty encampment which was set up alongside Highway 1 outside Jerusalem. 
It was set up illegally, without zoning or highways permission and in any other country would have been bulldozed years ago. 

However, because this is is the Jewish state, whose every action must be subject to a double-standard in this world, the issue of its removal has been tied up in court hearings for no less than NINE years. 

And there's been no limit to the financial support of foreign funds and NGOs who have been paying the human rights lawyers to keep this in play for all that time. Their backers' sole aim is to fight the Jewish state using its very own democratic institutions and bastions of social justice. Such things which incidentally do not exist anywhere else in the region. 

These people seem to have zero interest in the human rights of Syrians, Yemenis, Kurds, Yazidis, Tibetans or indeed the tens of thousands of Christians who have been ethnically cleansed by the PLO just around the corner in Bethlehem. 

Imagine a group of migrants setting up a shanty town alongside the M6 motorway outside Birmingham.
Would Mrs May's police or government let it stand longer than a week - a month?
Nine years? Gimme a break!

And it's not as if the Bedouin have not been offered alternative accommodation. The state offered them permanent housing not far away - but this didn't suit the leftists who needed to keep this pot boiling for propaganda purposes.

What Mrs May and other leaders standing in judgement need to understand is that these Bedouin Arabs could by now have enjoyed 10 years of good living in a proper community, with sanitation, schooling and all the community services. But, just like the Palestinian Arabs languishing for decades in so-called refugee camps, they are just more pawns of the Muslim Brotherhood which cynically uses them to undermine and delegitimize the Jewish state which they failed to kill at birth 70 years ago.

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