January 29, 2019

Kick 'em all out !

This is a great move by PM Netanyahu.

Let it be just the first stage of ending the constant UN presence in Israel.

The sight of UN jeeps - always brand spanking new on the (mainly American) taxpayers' dime - roving the streets and highways of the only democratic state in the region, seems to deliberately project the impression that Israel is a war zone or in a state of crisis. It reinforces the slander that Israel is not legitimate, not functioning properly and therefore in need of outside supervision.

After 70 years this has to stop !

It's time for the UN to move to real places of conflict, where the accommodations are not as cushy as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Let them drive their fancy jeeps to South Lebanon where 1 on 3 private houses have been commandeered by Iran as rocket bases or tunnel entrances.

Let their peacekeepers crawl the kerbs of Beirut and Gaza instead of propositioning Jewish girls in Israel.

Kick them all out Bibi.

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