August 15, 2019

No to the Squaddies

This is a great decision by Israel.

No question these squaddies would have made maximum nuisance for Israel, and given Abbas a much needed lifeline as his fakery sinks beneath the horizon of media interest.

Independence is not about setting off fireworks on Yom Atzmaut. It's about making decisions like this. We should have done it without encouragement from President Trump.
Next we must purge the UN presence from our streets and highways.
Every time I see a shiny new UN cruiser it sends a message that this is an unstable country that needs babysitting.

We should end this UN colonialism in Israel.

The world now has a record number of REAL refugees for them to look after. 
The fake 4th generation of Palestinian refugees deserves nothing but abject rejection as a propaganda tool of the Muslim Brotherhood.
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