September 15, 2020

Israel, UAE & Bahrain - 15 September 2020

Today’s peace ceremony at the White House showed as much about the greatness of Donald Trump as it did the moral bankruptcy of the media that censored it from their newsfeeds.

Watching Netanyahu at the subsequent press conference brought to mind this 2009 picture:
Obama’s face of seething enmity that never had a chance of achieving a fraction of the progress that has been demonstrated today in a region and struggle that has defied virtually every world leader to grapple with for over seven decades.
Imagine what Netanyahu must have felt after that meeting 11 years ago? Having to endure 4 years under a newly elected US president who made his first priority a visit to Cairo to apologise for America and to make sure that the Muslim Brotherhood was allowed to attend his speech, and helped it overthrow Mubarak in Egypt.
Netanyahu critics on the Left will for once unite with critics on the Right in debunking the notion that this was the first non-land for peace deal. They will say that Netanyahu gave away sovereignty.

The truth is that our people always had sovereignty and always will over the land of Israel, by our divine title deed and by our strength as the most powerful force in the region. The moment the Jordan Valley ever becomes an active front line, our forces shall have it – within the space of a day, or more likely an hour or
What’s more important is the trust and prosperity that can be built on this historic day, to end the gulf states’ enrichment of corrupt leaders like Abbas and Haniyeh and allow the Palestinian street to rise up, overthrow them and usher in a better future for their children and ours.

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