May 23, 2021

Whither Abbas?

So where has the war of the last 11 days left PLO "president" Mahmoud Abbas? Now in the 17th year of his 4-year term, he's done very well out of the conflict; reportedly worth in excess of $100 million. One wonders how much of that came from UK aid alone?

During the last few days, he did nothing but incite and encourage the violence on the Temple Mount and East Jerusalem, and saluted the missile attacks on Israel as 'heroic'.
We could say that - after stirring up violence in normally harmonious mixed towns like Lod, Bat Yam and Akko - any ideas of a Palestinian State in the Land of Israel have totally evaporated, even in the pipedreams of the most hopeless of Israeli leftists.
But the truth is, Abbas never wanted a Palestinian state - any more than Hamas wanted it. The only state they ever wanted is No Jewish State. It's that simple.
Here's that shmuck (ex-PM and ex-con) Ehud Olmert holding an umbrella for Abbas in 2007. Remember it was Olmert who then wanted to give the Golan Heights back to Assad for a worthless piece of paper, which Syria's new Iranian patrons would have spat on as they planted missiles right above defenceless Jewish farms in the Galilee.
It is well known that Israel's Shin Bet security service has saved Abbas from numerous plots by Hamas and other jihadist factions who wanted him taken out. After his egregious and irresponsible conduct in these last few days, we hope that the Shin Bet will next time turn a blind eye and let him go to where he belongs.


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