April 27, 2023

The silent majority finds its voice

This video was a rallying call for tonight's 300,000-strong demonstration in support of judicial reform, in support of democracy and a more representative supreme court.

The video reprises the 1977 election of Menachem Begin's right-wing party, which is now Likud. Ending 30 years of left wing and mainly secular hegemony since the founding of the state, they called it the 'earthquake'.
This was followed by a virulent campaign of personal attacks and demonization of Begin on a scale that is directly comparable to the current demonization of Prime Minister Netanyahu by the Left and its praetorian guards in the media and academia.
Just as Begin was famous for his social justice in lifting millions of Sephardi Jews out of poverty and for making peace with Egypt, Netanyahu has turned Israel's economy into one of the strongest on the planet and championed the Abraham Accords. He steered Israel through 8 years of a toxic Obama administration without surrendering an inch of our biblical homeland.
The street mobs in Tel Aviv - fanned and lavishly financed by foreign entities that are determined to see Israel destroyed from within - do not speak for the majority of Israelis.
PLease G-d let there be an amicable compromise on judicial reform so that Israel can focus on her enemies who are right now salivating on all borders.
Am Yisrael Chai !


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