April 07, 2023

To the people of Al Aqsa ...

 To the people of Al Aqsa:

Two sisters were murdered today in a hail of terrorist bullets sprayed on their car in the Jordan Valley. Their mother lies critically wounded in a hospital staffed by Arabs and Jews working in harmony. The family used to live in London as part of our Hendon Jewish community.

On such an awful day, the second day of our Passover and your 16th day of Ramadan, I send you this message. We Jews have no interest in Al Aqsa, either to conquer or occupy it. That should have been clear after the Six Day War when we handed you the keys to your holy sites. No other victor – no Turk or Crusader - would have done such a thing. All we wanted was access to a wall, the last remnant of our holy temple.

Know that every scare story raised about Al Aqsa has been generated by your utterly corrupt leaders for the sole purpose of satisfying their Iranian paymasters that a permanent state of war continues to be stoked in the Holy Land.

We have tragically lost young lives today, but our people will prevail and prosper whilst your people will continue to pay the high price of reprisals of the kind you saw exploding last night in Gaza and which you will undoubtedly see more of in response to the slaughter of these girls today.

We take no pleasure in the suffering of the vast majority of devout Muslims who wish only to serve their god and pray in peace during their holy month, support their families and bring up their children for purposes other than killing Jews. All of our wars have been defensive, and our repeated offers to share the land in peace have been rejected for 75 years.

Who is responsible for all this? Look to your corrupt leaders. Just Google: “Hamas Billionaires” and you will see how they live in the greatest luxury whilst turning your lives into utter misery and daily bloodshed, by remote control.

Make a decision this Ramadan! Reject these users and abusers– break loose from their rapacious grip. Elect honest people to lead you to a better life, to reclaim the billions of foreign aid that were diverted to foreign bank accounts. You might start with “Arafat’s Billions” another easy search on Google which will take you to a CBS 60 Minutes investigation. It’s the same story. All those stolen billions were supposed to give you a better life.

But you are just pawns.

It is in your own hands to change all that.

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