May 14, 2023

Putin's Off Ramp in Ukraine

The closest this world ever came to nuclear war was in October 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

America demanded the removal of Soviet nuclear missiles located in Cuba, 90 miles from the US coast. It imposed a blockade of the Florida straits and the world held its collective breath as Soviet warships confronted the US navy. One false move – nuclear holocaust.
Demonstrating true statesmanship, President John F Kennedy gave Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev an ‘off ramp’ to end the crisis without losing face. This brought back the world from the brink of a nuclear exchange in which all humanity’s achievements would have been destroyed in the space of a day, and a nuclear winter would still not by now have ended.
President Biden (if he is really cognisant of what is going on) is failing to learn from his Democrat presidential forbear. He is decidedly NOT providing Putin with any kind of ‘off ramp’ and seems determined to grind him and his Russia into the dust. That is clearly not going to happen with a cornered animal with nuclear power.
When Trump says he would end the war in a day, he clearly means to assure Putin retention of Crimea (which was so ignominiously surrendered by Obama) and to tell Zelensky that he either accepts that reality or the stoppage of all American aid. It’s that simple. War over.
The Soviet Union fell under pressure from its people. Russia will ultimately crumble under the pressure of its own people seeking freedom and Alexei Navalny’s day will come. It does not need Biden or NATO’s help right now.
It is said that Republican presidents bolster the US military but the Democrats take it to war. Never more true than today.
Everyone knows that Putin would never have invaded Ukraine with Trump in the Oval Office. Putin watched the ignominious surrender of Baghram to the Taliban and saw his chance. Just like China now salivates over Taiwan. And why Saudi Arabia cosies up to Iran and its new ally China.
As Bin Laden famously said: Arabs will always side with the strong horse. And, sadly, Biden is a dead horse.

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