April 10, 2011

Our Plucky Pilgrims

While Hamas missiles fly in daily from the south, there are 20,000 more Hizbullah missiles standing ready to be fired from the north.

On the southern border a 40-year Egyptian peace treaty is in shambles. 
On the northern border civil war looms in Syria.

And within this Promised Land, the size of New Jersey, murderers abound. They never cease plotting the bombing of bus stations, the slaughter of Jewish children in their beds and now to rocket Israeli school buses.

In the USA it is a criminal offence to overtake a  school bus with its red lights flashing.

In the Jewish state, a school bus may be rocketed by an anti-tank missile and the world's press and human rights groups will pretend it never happened.

This is the State of Israel in the spring of 2011.

And yet, despite these mortal dangers, tens of thousands of Jews from all corners of the world will this week pack up their families to spend Passover in Israel.

In doing so, most will travel on El Al  which, for more than half a century, has never lost its rank as the Number 1 target for every terrorist group in Arabia and beyond.

Some would call it reckless endangerment. 
Some would call it plain crazy.

Jews call it OUR LAND.

We use it, or lose it.


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