October 19, 2011

The Case for Assisted Suicide

Is a Jewish life worth 1,000 bags of excrement?
Of course - it's a bargain.

And to those who say: 'But they are killers??' I ask: Is this not true of all Arabs who surround the Jewish state?  Have we not learned from Hebron 1929 that it only takes an hour's incitement and the Arab who babysitted for a Jewish family or had his child delivered by a Jewish doctor will take out a meat cleaver and butcher his Jewish neighbours to death in their beds?

Palestinian polls consistently show a majority in favour of suicide bombings and the butchery of Jewish civilians and children. So these 1,000 were only the ones that got caught.

The price of this deal is indescribably high for anyone whose child or relative was killed by any of those released on exchange for Gilad Shalit. No way  could I be writing this blog if,  Heaven forbid, I were in their tragic position.  But the continued incarceration of Gilad Schalit would not have brought back the dead - and "life" is what we Jews are about.  I truly do believe that the neshamot - the dear souls - of terrorist victims rejoiced alongside all of Israel yesterday at the release of Gilad Schalit, however much it was more difficult for their surviving spouses, parents and relatives.

From a halachic standpoint, no price was too dear to pay for the release of a Jewish captive.  From yesterday's video of street scenes in Israel it was clear that Gilad had become the adopted son of every mother in all of Israel. And the joy of his return home on his own two feet was a vital stimulant to the morale and spirit of Israelis, not seen since the Entebbe hostage rescue.

Whilst I do not envy Netanyahu his job in having to make a 'judgment of Solomon', this will not be the only no-win dilemma Israel has had to face in the 63 years since independence. But instead of focusing on the bad elements, Israel has always turned the opposite way to ask: 'So chevra, what is GOOD about this situtation?' .  If Jews had not used this optimistic approach, there is no way they would ever have survived millennia to return to this beautiful homeland.

If you want to focus on bad deals, there are many to choose from way beyond yesterday's business with Hamas. Oslo is a prime example. The withdrawals from Gaza and Lebanon are two others.  Oslo cost 1,000 Jewish lives and the two withdrawals have now put 6 million Israelis in the crosshairs of 50,000 rockets.  Then there is the Supreme Court and its trampling of vital security interests in favour of justice for Palestinians who openly seek our death and destruction.

All of those bad deals were aided and abetted by the dominant leftist media in Israel, who consistently preach that if only we would stop building homes in our homeland, the Arabs would be our best friends and peace partners.  In this regard Hamas did us all a favour yesterday.  Whilst Israelis festooned the streets with flowers for Gilad, Hamas paraded more jihadists and suicide bombers demanding more hostages to be taken. 

The lessons are clear:
(1)  To prevent further hostage-taking, the Knesset must overrule the Supreme Court on issues of security and border fences.

(2)  Israel should not take any more Arab murderers into its prisons. If they are so keen to die for their cause, we should help them. In Swiss clinics they call it Assisted Suicide.


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