June 18, 2012

Let's all learn Greek

Whatever the outcome of the Greek election, the success of the coalition efforts and future of the country in the Eurozone, there is a fundamental lesson ALL countries need to have learned.

That is the importance of making voting compulsory for all citizens.

Without this applying in Greece, there is no question that the 37-year-old radical left-wing candidate Alexis Tsipras would have gained power on a disproportionate vote and wrought utter havoc on the world banking system.  He would have lit the fuse in Europe of the economic collapse that the likes of Cloward and Piven sought to exploit to end capitalism.

Leftists are the empty vessels who make the most noise.  They are the minority who have the (unemployed) time to plot change and get their friends and 'useful idiots' out to vote. They rely on the apathy of hard-working people who are more focused on earning an honest living, to win elections and press through agendas which serve only their narrow interests and to feather their nests.

The same Left created Europe and its single currency on a foundation of lies and false-accounting which magically rendered all comers eligible. Would anyone in their right mind make any kind of fiscal connection between Framkfurt and Athens?  The very notion is laughable.

It was always and ever just a power game with a dual purpose. (1) Jobs for the boys - all the Eurocrats who would otherwise not be able to hold down a proper job or run a business and (2) to destroy the nation statehood and national identity of European countries and turn them into European clones of a future 'global society' - the kind that George Soros wants and funds so passionately. 

For seventeen straight years, the EU auditors have flatly refused to sign off the accounts of the European Union because of "irregularities" they are unable to resolve. For irregularities you may well read 'corruption'.

And political corruption is never far away from tyranny.  No surprise therefore to see the EU literally "install" a new prime minister in Italy to replace the buffoon Berlusconi. Mario Monti is an EU apparatchik ... unelected and without any democratic mandate to rule over Italians.  And yet, with consummate chutzpah, the unelected leaders of the EU have simply installed him with nary a complaint from anyone.

In the old days there used to be coups-de-etat.  World wars could be started over leadership of European countries.  Now it's done quietly by the EU - the Frankenstein monster of the Left - without so much as a sideways glance.

How ironic that - but for the compulsory voting law in Greece - the Eurozone created by the Left would have been destroyed by one of its very own.

Just look at our election turnouts: 30 percent .... rarely more than 50 percent.
Well, that's where the true danger lies.
Not in nuclear weapons.
But by empowering those who would destroy our freedoms by subversion of our democratic structure.

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