February 10, 2019

What Makes Corbyn Hate ?

Today the Daily Mail published the first extracts of the Jeremy Corbyn biography written by Britain’s top investigative author Tom Bower.
This portrays a failure at school who grew into a seedy little man who cast himself in the image of Lenin and Marx without actually reading their works. His ex-wife claims he never read a single book in the 4 years of their marriage.
This is only Day 1 but the story so far seems to be all about failure in so many areas: school, relationships, marriage and in the choice of friends. His only success seems to have been as a lightning rod to all the worlds most vile extremists and revolutionaries.
I always wonder what actually makes an anti-Semite. What turns someone into a Hitler, an Irving or a Galloway.
The conclusion I usually come to is simple jealousy. It’s either envy of our people’s totally disproportionate success in so many walks of life or of our biblical status as a chosen people.
Reading the Bower extracts I can see the same applies to Corbyn.
It’s just all-consuming jealousy that the founder of Marxism was a Jew as was Trotsky. And that this was just the beginning of a long line of Jewish socialist superheroes all the way down to Ralph Miliband in our present era.
But Corbyn never made the grade. He never even got close. Because he’s an ignoramus who couldn’t come up with an original thought to save his life.
And for all his failures, his response is the same old thing: blame the Jews.


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