September 03, 2019

Leaks are now Kosher

This is a disgraceful decision by Mandelblit and smacks of the same Deep State rejection of the public will that infects America in regard to Trump's election and the UK in terms of the Brexit referendum.

The incessant police leaks were quite bad enough without the AG now giving them encouragement and a green light.
Bibi Netanyahu is the longest-serving prime minister of Israel. By this lifetime service he, perhaps more than anyone, has earned the right to a fair trail and the presumption of innocence.

The left-wing establishment just cannot stomach the success of this man.

Ehud Barak is consumed with jealousy as the shortest-serving prime minister.
Boogie Yaalon is consumed with bitterness over his dismissal as Defence Minister to make way for Liberman to join the prior coalition.

And of course the Left-wing media is no different than the disgraced fake news outlets in America.
They couldn't care less who replaces Bibi. Never mind his amazing relationship with President Trump, or his fearless oratory at the UN, or his staggering record of foreign policy a movements from India to Brazil. No, let the country's vital interests take second place. As long as Bibi is taken down.
And just look at the lame horses in this race. Gantz who knows nothing about politics and can't speak English. Lapid who speaks English but has nothing to say.

Both would sign away vast swathes of Judea and Samaria for a worthless piece of paper signed by Abbas.

Israelis have a clear choice.
Likud or Oslo 3.

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