April 24, 2006

Jewish Saboteurs in Iran

At times like these one hopes that the Mossad has infiltrated undercover agents into Iran to target their nuclear facilities for sabotage or aerial attack.

Some hopes!

The only Jews who have infiltrated Iran are those who are there to support the new Iranian fuehrer in his avowed intention to wipe another 6 million Jews off the map.

Watch these sickos interviewed here on Iranian TV: http://tinyurl.com/maoes

Once gets the distinct feeling that even the Iranian interviewers hold these characters in utter contempt.

Now is the time for Jews all over the world to cast out the degenerates of Neturei Karta from their communities. To deny them employment in our businesses, welfare from our charities and admission to our synagogues.

Recently it was discovered that the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations in the UK had made payments to Neturei Karta amounting to some $70,000 in recent years. A newsgroup has been set up to focus support for the issuance of a Rabbinical Cherem (excommunication order) against Neturei Karta and its followers.

To visit and subscribe to this newsgroup, follow this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/neturei-kapo/

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