April 16, 2006

Letter to Haaretz

Dear Mr Shavit:

Having read your open letter to Olmert, I must say you have some chutzpah.
By your own admission it was you journalists that elected Olmert by failing to discharge your prime duty to the voting public: to inform and to question.
And for your failures, Israel will have to pay in spades and its soldiers with their lives and its civilians with their limbs.
There is only one thing more shameful than the corruption in Israel's government.
It is the utter bankpruptcy of its press.
You and your peers made the bed. I fear you will get little sleep over the next 4 years.
And as for thinking Olmert will change? Dream on my friend!
Sharon at least had the balls to make changes, even if they prove to be dead wrong.
Olmert however is a nobody whose appearance as Prime Minister of the State of Israel with an Arab-loving quasi-Marxist for a wife, a lesbian daughter and draft-dodging sons is every bit as nauseating as Dana International's appearance as Israel's representative to the Eurovision song contest.
If anyone needs to change after this debacle, it is you and your colleagues.
I am not asking you to support the right.
Only to expose and attack the wrong.
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