April 30, 2006

The Nazi Polyp

Menachem Begin used to say: for as long as Jews are dependent on the support of other nations, they will always be living under the threat of a new holocaust.

Twenty years after the arrest of Jonathan Pollard, the State of Israel no longer needs to rely on the US for its satellite imagery. The amazing clarity of this first picture of a Syrian dam from Israel’s new Eros satellite attests to the quality of what the IDF must now be seeing in imagery of Iran and its nuclear installations.

This is feat not unlike Israel’s other piece of ingenuity in surveillance. This is the camera-in-a-capsule developed by Given Imaging. It travels through the intestine, photographing cancerous polyps with a clarity unequalled by conventional colonoscopy.

Let us hope that the cancerous polyp that is Iran’s Nazi president, Ahmad Ahmadinejad, is speedily excised from the gut of the free world which he seeks to subjugate by terror and nuclear blackmail.

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