May 01, 2006

The Real Villain

As the row rages over the failure to control thousands of immigrant criminals, I think it’s quite unfair to blame Charles Clarke. He has been home secretary for barely 6 months. With his predecessor David Blunkett already ousted (and for a lot less sinning than Blair’s own philandering deputy) the focus should be turned sharply on Jack Straw. He ran the Home Office for 4 years at the most critical time for immigration. Doubtless much of Straw's softness on immigration earned him points with his electorate in Blackburn, one of Britain’s largest Muslim constituencies.

Whilst poor Charles Clarke takes the blows this week, the real villain hides at the foreign office where he has been up to the same game of appeasement. With his Riyadh speech espousing a softer line on relations with Hamas, Straw is setting up the free world for the same anarchy as he has spawned locally as our home secretary. Just as the rapists and murderers freed by his appeasement policy make it unsafe to walk our streets, Straw’s appeasement of Jihadists threatens to empower their Iranian and Saudi-Wahhabist sponsors and thereby further endanger our wider world.
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