July 26, 2006

The Best Multinational Force

Israel should never have left Lebanon.
That is now clear as daylight.
That Barak pulled our boys out in the middle of the night, only emboldened the enemy which is now deeply dug in within bunkers or behind human shields.

In a few weeks, we shall be back to square one.
In control of South Lebanon up to the Litani river.
The idea seems to be to hand this buffer zone over to a multinational force.
Right now few countries have rushed forward to volunteer for this peacekeeping job.
Besides, what kind of multinational force can we trust anyway?
Russians? Chinese? Heaven forbid, even French?

The irony is that the very territory we are recapturing is the tribal homeland of Naphtali and Asher. Part of biblical Israel as divinely gifted to our people.
Not many people know that.

From that perspective, I would like to suggest the perfect multinational force to occupy this area.

Russian Jews and French Jews. Jews from America and Britain. Argentinian and Brazilian Jews. Jews from Italy and Germany. A whole contingent of olim from all corners of the globe.

Those are the only peacekeepers we can trust.
And their presence would send the most effective message to our enemies.
If you want our land, use it for peaceful purposes only.
Use it thus, or lose it forever.

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