August 02, 2006

Mein Kampf : Mein Jihad

When the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem made his genocide pact with Hitler in 1941, little did he know that his Islamic disciples would seek to finish the job 50 years later with an ever bolder plan for world domination.

Both tyrants were driven by one central urge: to wipe out the Jews.
As are the Islamic fundamentalists of today, led by their fanatical clerics.

I urge all readers of this blog to take time out to watch the compelling movie 'Obsession' which exposes the Islamic threat to the world and our entire way of life. Produced by it reveals shocking parallels between the tactics and imagery of Hitler's nazism and the jihadist movement of today.

This film begs to be viewed by every Member of Parliament, Senator and Congressman. Indeed by every journalist and newspaper pundit.

It seems to me to be a final wake-up call to those - particularly in Europe - who pressed the snooze button after 9-11.

To see the movie, click here.

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