August 03, 2006

Non-aligned with Re-alignment

Ehud Olmert today apologised for making further commitments to future withdrawals from Judea & Samaria even as missiles rained down on Northern Israel.

A number of army reservists have refused drafting orders to Lebanon in the service of a Prime Minister committed to this kind of lunacy.

MK Benny Elon is right to ask: “How can you ask a soldier to risk his life in battle, only to return and see his home literally given away to the enemy?”

These refuseniks have sent Olmert an important message: Having seen the sacrifice of Gush Katif and its burned synagogues repaid by even more rabid aggression and killing, few Jewish officers will be ready to assist in any future withdrawals.

If the PM is so determined to press ahead with further Jewish evictions, he would be well-advised to recruit the next battalion of bailiffs from the ranks of the multi-national force being assembled for South Lebanon.

After all, the Europeans in particular will have so much practical experience to offer.
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