August 14, 2006

Spanish Fly in the Ointment

Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero has been one of Israel's biggest critics in the EU, proudly sporting a Palestinian keffiyeh and accusing our army of abusive force in its defence of Hezbulla's unprovoked missile attack.

Mr Zapatero will go down in history as the first leader of a western democracy to be elected by Al-Qaeda. The same Islamic terrorists who bombed Madrid on the eve of his election, dream of the return of Spain to its former Muslim Caliphate status as ancient Andalusia.

It is a fact of history that countries which expelled Jews lost their status and fell into obscurity. Spain is probably the best example of this. From its glory days as the center of world trade and home port to the legendary shipping armada, Spain can trace its decline almost exactly to the 15th century expulsion. Ask anyone about Spain and they will talk about British tourists and sherry casks: both filled to the brim with alcohol.

But let’s not forget Spanish culture.

This is their time-honored sport in which a dumb animal is surrounded by sadists who stab it from every direction and, when it is almost bled into submission, the chief sadist severs its neck with a sword.

Sounds a lot like Al-Qaeda is doing to dumb Europeans.
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